Steven P. Greenbaum

Managing Partners

Steven P. Greenbaum is President of Altigro Pension Services, Inc. Steven brings more than forty-five years of industry expertise to his support of attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, insurance brokers and their clients.

Steven is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Management.  Steven is an Affiliate Member of the American Society of Pension Professional and Actuaries (ASPPA) which is a part of the American Retirement Association. He is also a Member of the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA).

Steven has served as National Chairman of the ABC’s (ASPPA Benefits Councils) Leadership. He served on the Board of the Mid-Atlantic User Group of FIS’s Relius Administration Software Division. Steven has written pension articles for various publications and taught Continuing Education courses for the past twenty years to members of the insurance and accounting industries. He is married with five children and three grandchildren.